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About Us

Webgains was formed in 2004 to create a serious and professional presence in the online marketing arena. Our aim is to provide the best affiliate marketing network in the world.
What we provide:
  • A secure and robust network to track and report on commercial transactions
  • An easy and hassle-free financial and communication conduit between merchants and affiliates
  • Cutting edge tools to enable affiliates and merchants to manage their programs simply and effectively
  • World-class customer service supported through experienced telephone support and online ticketing system
  • Technology developed in-house and consideration to custom technical development where warranted

Openness Excellence and Integrity
Our management team has over 30 years collective experience in online marketing, with much of that specifically in affiliate marketing. The management team believes whole-heartedly in the three Webgains’ core values. An open network allowing full access of merchants to affiliates and vice versa. The desire for excellence underlies our aim to be the best affiliate network. Integrity to tell you the truth at all times. Webgains Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 05353649. VAT number 854 0466 25.