Ask the team: The benefits of the perfect publisher mix

When it comes to the publishers you work with, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Hear the team’s thoughts on the benefits of having a healthy publisher mix.

Having a variety of publisher types is vital when it comes to boosting your online presence and optimizing your ROI. Our team share their thoughts on how you can work with each publisher type and what a good mix of publishers can bring to your program.



Jason Codrington, Account Director

It’s important for advertisers to have a good publisher mix on their program to avoid them over-indexing on any one publisher type. If you become too reliant on one publisher type and strategic aims change, then your affiliate program could be negatively affected.

For example when the rules surrounding energy providers and the use of cashback as an incentive changed in early 2014, it meant almost overnight energy merchants’ affiliate program performance dropped dramatically – they lost their main revenue driver and were scrambling around for other publisher types to fill the gap.

It’s also important to understand that the different publisher types can help to drive customers to various touchpoints in the sales funnel. Incentive sites are good for action, whilst display and content site are good for awareness, under indexing in any of the publisher types can result in loss of revenue to competitors.


Scott O’Brien, UK Sales Director

It’s important to have a good mix of different publisher types on your program in order to target customers at all parts of the purchase funnel. Content sites or display partners, for example, will provide you with access to consumers while they become aware of you and build an interest. Whereas price comparison publishers can help give you the edge while a consumer is considering their purchase across a number of advertiser sites. Then a cashback or a voucher publisher can put the cherry on top for a consumer and push them over the edge to turn them from a visitor to a customer. Having addressed all areas in the funnel, with a consistent message across the board, you’re in a strong position to cultivate those brand advocates that keep coming back.

Jessica Cheung, Junior Account Executive

Jess Cheung, Account Executive 

Having a wide range of affiliate types on your program provides reach to a variety of demographics. Though the affiliate channel can provide you with access to your target audience (e.g. a childrenswear merchant on MumsNet, or EasyFundraising), it is equally important to have exposure on incentive and voucher sites. Additionally, working with tech partners for display, retargeting and on-site conversion solutions allows you to cover all levels of the conversion funnel on a performance basis – a no-brainer really.

Dom Coleridge, Publisher Development Manager

Dom Coleridge, Publisher Development Manager

Treat your affiliate program as if maintaining a balanced diet. Too much of one type of publisher means you run the risk of becoming too reliant on that sector to drive the bulk of your sales. Should you decide to stop working with a publisher for whatever reason (conflict with brand KPIs, lower ROI than expected) you are leaving your program open to performing at a sub-optimal level. A healthy mix would normally consist of offer/deals partners, incentive, mobile, loyalty, price comparison, tech and content/blog publishers.


Brenda Adoch-Moro, Account Executive

It’s important to have a healthy affiliate mix as this allows you to exposure different opportunities with different affiliate types, this way you’re not running the same campaigns over and over again. This also allows you not to rely on one publisher type to drive sales and also keeps activity fresh within the program.