Ask the Team: What does the future hold for social media advertising?

The world of social media advertising is thriving, and with the ability to target such specific audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising it comes at no surprise.

We spoke to our team to get their opinions on what they think the future holds for social media advertising and how it can benefit advertisers and publishers alike.

Kathleen Down, Senior Account Manager

Kathy Down, Senior Account Manager

I think that the future is very bright for social media advertising. It gets you up close and personal to your target market and opens up the flow of communication to the brand and its customers so it’s no surprise that advertisers consider it a very important part of their business. I think that there will be further demand for the need of social publishers in the marketing channel, specifically those that drive new customer acquisition. We already have new companies such as Social Superstore giving customers the ability to become affiliates themselves.


Sam Parker, Sales Manager

It seems to me that social media advertising has a very bright future; the revenue brought in by it has increased hugely in recent years and continues to do so. This is largely due to it’s naturally targeted nature. As opposed to responding solely to users’ behavior, advertisers are able to capitalize on the vast quantities of data users have shared to serve targeted ads. This advanced targeting can be a real benefit to the affiliate channel, as publishers will be able to accurately-target based on metrics such as interests/hobbies, age, gender and even using lookalike targeting.


 Viktorija Jonikane, Publisher Director

The philosophy of talking at your customers has gradually been replaced by the desire to talk with your customers. Advertisers need to give their customers a voice. Listening is just as important as talking. More advertisers will be running advertisements, additional mobile apps and more mobile-driven content.  Sharing content will still be important, so it’s crucial to post short videos directly to the feed. Advertisers should expect to spend more money on social marketing advertising in order to stand out and be heard over their competition.

Scott Bradford, Junior Account Manager

Scott Bradford, Junior Account Manager

I fully expect social media advertising to increase in its importance and become the default marketing medium for brands to engage with their users. Increasingly, in a world where brand loyalty can be considered at its lowest ever level, it is becoming fundamental that brands and companies engage with their users on a more personable, targeted level and that is exactly what social media advertising excels at. In terms of its impact on the affiliate channel, I fully expect to see an increase in the number of publishers looking to provide this service to advertisers on a measurable CPA through networks. We have historically seen this with PPC and display publishers, so it won’t be long until there are dedicated affiliates who can provide a dedicated solution to help monetize brands, and their users’ social media presence.


Richard Guion, Junior Account Manager

I feel that social media advertising, particularly in the affiliate channel is about to blow up! Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have been increasing their testing of buy buttons recently. I think that Pinterest in particular has a great opportunity to take advantage due to the nature of their offering. Users will be able to purchase products with ‘Buyable pins’ without leaving the site, which has benefits for both the advertiser and the publisher.