Custom account management for international brands

Things look different depending on where you stand, a phenomenon which will be well known to international brands. Performance marketing in the US and performance marketing in Europe for example can look pretty different and we know it’s important to take this into account if we are to get the best results.

When delivering a performance marketing strategy across multiple territories, flexibility is everything. Based in France? It makes sense that your main point of contact will be based in France too. International brands reap the benefits of working with an experienced global account manager supported with a team of local account managers who know and understand the nuances of their own markets. Publisher types and recruitment strategies are fine tuned to ensure all markets are performing to their full potential.

It’s because we know how important local knowledge is we also work with PerformanceIN to undertake an annual European Survey and Publisher Landscape Report. Covering topics including revenue, marketing tactics, user behaviour and emergent markets, this report is one of the industry’s leading resources for understanding how things look from different markets.