Everything you ever wanted to know about Poland (but were too afraid to ask)

Noticed how the Polish market is growing and want to be a part of it? Not sure whether you should go for it? International publisher executive Aga Suty tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Poland but were afraid to ask. Well, about the affiliate channel at least.

How fast is the Polish market growing?

Pretty fast. Last year 53% of Poland’s 26 million internet users made a purchase online. That’s 21% up on the previous year and is set to rise by a further 17.8% this year. Whilst it’s true that adoption rates have been slightly lower than in other European countries, that’s changing fast. Plus, there are 38.5 million people in Poland so that’s a lot of potential customers!

What kind of brands do well in Poland?

Popular product categories in Poland are much the same as those across Europe – clothing, books and home electronics all make the podium. Polish consumers are very comfortable buying from foreign websites with 13% of Polish internet users having done so in the last year. Top online retailers in Poland include AliExpress, Zalando and H&M.

What kind of publishers work well in Poland?

The most successful publisher sites in Poland are similar to elsewhere – voucher sites like picodi.pl and alerabat.com feature heavily and price comparison is also popular. Whilst cashback isn’t nearly as established in Poland as it is in the UK, that’s starting to change. Retailmenot have launched a cashback site in Poland which is doing really well and Polish consumers are getting more familiar with the concept.

What are the biggest differences between the UK and Poland?

There’s no doubt that Poland is a key market for ecommerce. Although it’s much smaller than the UK market, its growth rate of nearly 18% means you shouldn’t overlook it. Consumers in Poland have slightly different preferences when it comes to checkout and delivery, and ideally you’d offer the option to pay by bank transfer but if you can’t that certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. Since costs are lower in Poland, brands can achieve higher levels of exposure for the same cost or less so you may well be able to achieve significant growth.

What are your predictions for 2017?

I think over the course of 2017 we can expect to see cashback continue to grow and the publisher mix shift to include more cashback and voucher. As Polish ecommerce becomes more and more sophisticated we’ll start to see more tech partners in the space as well. The value of ecommerce in Poland has been estimated to increase to 36 billion Polish Zloty by the end of 2016 and is expected to double in value in the next 5 years so now’s the time to invest.

Okay, you’ve convinced me, Poland’s great. What do I do now?

If you want to launch in Poland or just know more, contact me on asuty@webgains.com!