Harnessing the power of mobile device data

With an ever growing proportion of transactions coming from mobile devices, optimizing can make all the difference. For publishers and advertisers alike knowing where traffic is coming from means everything.

It’s important then that we get reporting right. Webgains Device Reports provide vital information about the crucial last stages in the purchase journey giving advertisers and publishers full visibility over metrics such as platform (desktop, tablet or mobile), operating system, browser and model.

This provides an unprecedented insight into how different programs and campaigns perform, not just across various device types, but also tells us how consumers actually use these devices. Combined with external traffic stats, this makes for powerful information. Publishers can find the most relevant advertisers for their campaigns and tailor their promotions to ensure optimal performance, forecasting can be improved and bespoke tenancy packages created.

With a whole range of time frames available these reports also allow publishers and advertisers to build a comprehensive picture of long term developments which is invaluable in shining a light on future trends.