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    Advertiser Profile: James Dunford | Cotswold Outdoor

    Cotswold Outdoor is the leading outdoor clothing and equipment retailer stocking one of the most comprehensive ranges of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment in Europe. Describe Cotswold Outdoor in one sentence. We’re the UK’s leading outdoor clothing and equipment retailer, with… Read more

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    AliExpress’ Double Eleven sale event

    China’s Singles’ Day sale, also known as 11.11 is the biggest e-commerce event in the Chinese year known to drive over $9 billion in sales revenue in the one day. By comparison, Cyber Monday in the US last year drove… Read more

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    Product Engagement: The NIKEiD Studio

    One of the best ways to help a publisher to promote effectively is to ensure they have a strong understanding of an advertiser’s consumer offering, a practice Nike have embraced from the outset. Through their product engagement programme they have… Read more

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    Affectv: The Persona Discovery Platform

    Affectv is an international leader in audience technology whose mission is to make advertising more relevant for people and to help improve the Internet in the process. Affectiv help brands and marketers to find, understand and connect with the relevant… Read more

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    Alona Malinovska, International Team Leader

    Alona studied social psychology in Latvia before moving onto the world of online marketing and live chat-based technologies. She’s now worked in Latvia, Barcelona and London so she’s quite the traveller! Somehow she’s had time to build a travel safety-based app… Read more

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    Karolina Turner, Key Account Manager

    Key Account Manager, Karolina is a global account manager for Nike. Originally hailing from Poland, she studied Philosophy and Psychology at University of Manchester. Having previously worked on translation projects, she joined Webgains in 2011 as an account executive on… Read more

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    Custom account management for international brands

    Things look different depending on where you stand, a phenomenon which will be well known to international brands. Performance marketing in the US and performance marketing in Europe for example can look pretty different and we know it’s important to take… Read more