The Making of a Great Account Manager: Account Management at its Best

Webgains pioneers an industry-leading training program to transform the role of the network account manager.

Developed in partnership with creative training providers, Compaso, we called it the Webgains Academy. It is a series of six practical challenges designed to enhance commercial thinking and to place it at the forefront of everything our account managers do, helping us to deliver a meaningful service to our clients.

Speaking to major online retailers we know they need more than just delivery by numbers; they need creative, strategic account management which enhances and adds to their marketing portfolio with fresh ideas built specifically around their brand. They need account managers who can get to grips with their evolving business needs and who above all else are inventive and fiscally minded in their approach. This is where the true value of account management lies.

In development since early 2014, the Webgains Academy started life with a series of workshops. We asked our staff, ‘what does account management look like at its very best?’ We listened to what they said and through a series of tasks covering everything from eBay trading to consumer profiling using Experian mosaics, those are the skills we set out to teach.


So what does great account management look like?

We set out to unshackle our team from the time-consuming administration which burdens account managers at other networks and to empower them to focus on creative and innovative strategies for program growth. Brand knowledge, understanding market dynamics, research, opportunity spotting, data analysis and entrepreneurial thinking… these are just some of the skills the Webgains Academy instils.

What’s more, we don’t just limit our training to account managers. All our client facing teams, from Attribution to Communications and Sales complete the training program. Our clients should be able to expect meaningful value from everyone they come into contact with at Webgains.

We understand that the classroom cannot keep pace with the rate of change, especially in the fast moving world of performance marketing. As highlighted by Compaso, contemporary approaches to learning mean that staff now expect to access to what they want to know at the point of need rather than via formal training sessions. Moreover, we believe that above all else, meaningful learning must result in real improvements in doing, behaviour and performance.

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