The Making of a Great Account Manager: Sharing Insights for Learning at the Speed of Change

Webgains inspires account managers to share their experiences with their colleagues to encourage agility and resourcefulness.

Rather than relying on classroom-based training programs, we believe the best learning comes from an engaging environment for staff to do, learn and share at the point of need. Creativity and entrepreneurship are at the heart of what we do but these skills need to be constantly developed if our account managers are to harness the constant stream of innovation performance marketing has to offer.

We believe learning in isolation is inefficient and all too often, holds people back from fulfilling their potential. The Webgains Academy addresses this challenge by encouraging the sharing of informal knowledge and know-how, speeding up the learning process. Simply put, this means that practical training should be carried out in groups with learning outcomes and reflections shared with all involved.

What do shared reflections look like?

Over the course of the Webgains Academy everyone is encouraged to contribute in the form of learning reflections shared within the Compaso platform. Questions for the team include, ‘what problems did you face?’ and, ‘what would you do differently if you were to repeat the task?’ Asked to reflect on what they feel are impressive publisher initiatives, account managers’ comments include, “banks have big data and can target specific offers and increase AOV for advertisers,” and, “I like the idea of a personal stylist adding a human touch to the flood of offers.”



For all tasks, assessment consists of group presentations with points awarded for a range of competencies. Individuals can also gain recognition for contributing to other teams’ projects. In implementing Compaso’s approach, we encourage our staff to draw on and benefit from the insights of others in order to achieve excellence. What’s more, the process of reflecting encourages the team to think about how their new skills and insights can be practically applied to their work with clients.

“Without reflection, we stumble along our way, creating many unintended consequences, and repeating yesterday’s mistakes. Reflection is fundamental to the learning process.” –  Richard Owen, Compaso Learning.

The Webgains Academy is built around people and the way they learn – tapping in to the human desire to share and to communicate. Progressive training recognizes that ideas are shared much faster by talking than they are through people reading and writing alone. Clients need dynamic account management which can keep pace with the constant evolution of the performance marketing space and traditional learning which fails to keep pace with the speed of change simply isn’t enough. It’s developing training based on this truth that creates agile and creative account managers.

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