Browse Shops from Home with Avenue Imperial

Imagine visiting a shop and browsing through merchandise from the comfort of your home. No queuing, no bus rides, no pushing through crowds, just browsing a shop without lifting a finger (except to click the mouse of course). Avenue Imperial is a publisher which lets users walk through online simulations of high street shops, rather like Google street view but for shoppers. The 360 degree interactive environments are made up from many photos stitched together, and there are separate ‘scenes’ for different areas of the store. When you see a product that interests you, you can click it to get more details and you can even contact staff in the store, who will then inform you of availability. When you find something you like, you can purchase it through the site right away.

We work with Avenue Imperial on both our American and German networks. Avenue Imperial works closely with advertisers; checking up on a data-feed through our network, so that they can update product listings to include the most recent offers, prices, and product descriptions. This ensures that users don’t encounter outdated deals, so they can be sure that the listings they see on Avenue Imperial are an accurate reflection of the products available in store at that time. Avenue Imperial lets businesses which are normally dependant on footfall, access consumers who wouldn’t otherwise have visited their stores. It’s a means to achieve online growth by replicating the traditional consumer experience.