The Webgains Publisher Studio

The Webgains Publisher Studio is designed to provide publishers with what they really need, an intuitive and simple campaign management suite. With a customisable dashboard and realtime notifications, the Publisher Studio allows publishers to streamline the flow of communication whilst ensuring that when it comes to crucial updates, they never miss a beat.

Build new relationships

Without relationships we are nothing. That’s why our Publisher Studio is designed to help publishers find the advertiser partners that are right for them. With publishers able to search everything from country and marketing tactics to payment models and ads, our technology breaks down barriers and makes sure a new partnership is just a click away.

The right tools for the job

Our publishers are not all the same. They don’t all work the same way and they certainly don’t all need the same tools. Maybe it’s an API that’s needed, maybe it’s a voucher code. Perhaps it’s just a certain sized banner. Whatever it is that a publisher needs, the Publisher Studio enables them find the right tools, get integrated and get earning.

Who wants to look at reports?

It might not sound thrilling, but accurate reporting is vital to a campaign’s performance. The Webgains Reporting Suite delivers over 25 separate, fully customisable reports allowing month on month comparisons as well as full visibility over mobile and tablets, so that publishers can keep refining what they do and keep delivering results.