Seth Rubin, Product Director

Born and raised in South Africa, Seth moved to London in 2008 and joined Webgains in the same year. After completing a BCom (Hons) in Information Systems at the University of Cape Town, he founded his own entertainment company and worked as a professional DJ. After a short DJ-ing career he moved into a marketing role in Melbourne, before jetting off for London where he took on the role of Support & Integration Manager at Webgains. Seth had also worked as Technical Client Services Manager and Head of Partnerships before becoming Head of Product.

What’s the most interesting recent development you have worked on?

I’d have to say it’s our Publisher Recruitment tool; unlike other platforms out there, we really tried to bring a more social, interactive experience to publisher recruitment.

What do you get up to when you’re not in work?

I like to spend my free time out and about, usually trekking around London. I tend to watch way to much sport as well! I like to travel and get away as often as possible to explore new places.

What’s the best thing about working at Webgains?

Being part of such a dynamic organisation allows me to continously be learning – something that is very important to me. I’ve grown with the company, starting when there were only a dozen or so of us here in 2008, over the years I’ve worked in various roles and have learnt a lot in doing so. Any successful business needs great people and I am very priveleged to have worked with such fantastic people during my time here.

What does a typical day consist of?

Each day is different for me as I help drive the development processes forward. Typically, I have a quick stand-up meeting first thing in the morning, then followed by copious amounts of coffee. Once I’m buzzing from the caffeine I get settled in to my day which consists of: meetings, consulting with the team, prioritising development features to be built and planning for the forthcoming sprints. I also test new features and provide feedback to our development team to enhance features that they’re working on.

So what does a Head of Product actually do?

I fulfill the role of Product Owner within the Webgains business. This means that I manage our development roadmaps, feature backlogs and development priorities. I am also responsible for gathering business requirements and transforming them to workable ‘stories’ for the team to develop. Other than that, I am continuously scouring the web for new technologies that would benefit our advertisers and publishers and analysing the feasibility of partnering with them.

What has been a real success story of 2014 so far?

From my perspective, I think the launch of our Publisher Studio. It’s a project that I initiated a long time ago and I’m very proud to see it being used in the real world now! We’re also continuously updating it to deliver even more value to our publishers.