Top Tips: Choosing the right tenancy packages

Tenancy packages can be a great way to boost revenue and give your brand extra exposure in the marketplace, which is why choosing the right exposure packages should be a carefully considered decision. Your account manager will be able to advise you on how to pick the top packages for your brand, but we’ve also put together our top five tips on how to secure the right tenancy for you.

1.) What are you trying to achieve?

Before rushing in to secure tenancy opportunities, it’s important to firstly understand what you’re trying to achieve. Your tenancy package should always address your key objectives whether that be attracting new customers, increased brand awareness or simply improving your relationship with that publisher. It’s very easy to fall in to the trap of seeing tenancy packages with seemingly great ‘deals’ and picking these, but if they’re not the best choice for your brand you may be wasting your money.

2.) Consumer Insights

Look at your consumer data to see which consumers you need to target and where they might be. By matching this against demographic data from your publishers you can get a good indication of which tenancy packages will provide visible exposure to both your current consumers, and potential new customers.

3.) Experience vs Experimentation

Look at which publishers are already performing well for your brand. If a publisher is already working well, you know the audience is right and you already have a strong starting point. If you do have any budget left set it aside for trying new ideas. Progress isn’t made without experimentation. Newer publishers can bring fresh ideas and you’ll strengthen these relationships in the process.

4.) Ask your publishers

Your publishers will know which packages work best for which clients so ask them what they would recommend for your brand. Publishers will know their user base inside out and will also know what packages they have coming up. Publishers will also appreciate this contact and good early communication can help build tenancy strategies for the future. Pick their brains and get their recommendations to ensure maximum ROI on tenancy expenditure.

5.) Case Studies

Look at case studies that have been produced by your top publishers that show results of past tenancy campaigns. Ask for case studies that display results for similar brands investing in the same (or similar) tenancy packages that you are interested in booking. This way you can have some idea of what results you can expect if you invest in certain packages.