Top Tips: How to get the most from your account manager

Over the course of your program you’ll have more contact with your account manager than with anyone else and a good working relationship is invaluable in helping your program grow.

With experience and expertise, your account manager is one of the most valuable resources you have. So it makes sense that we should give you some tips on how to get the most out of them!

1. Collaborate

Your Webgains account manager should be an extension of your marketing team and so it’s important they’re on the same page. Share a year plan at the beginning of each year and outline your priorities for each quarter. The more information your account manager has the easier it’ll be for them to coordinate publisher activity to meet your targets. Give as much information as you can about budgets for the year so your account manager can plan ahead and prioritize.

2. Face-to-face meetings

Relationships aren’t built on emails alone – so get on the phone! Regular phone and Skype communication are great ways to keep in touch. If you’re account manager suggests a face to face catch up, take them up on the offer. You might think you don’t have time but you’ll be surprised by how much you can get done in a meeting and how much it can improve your planning.

3. Be open to new ideas

The affiliate space is a hotbed of innovation and your account manager will present you with a whole host of publisher opportunities. Try to be open to new publisher types and new ways of working as well as other commercial models like tenancy, CPC and hybrid. Of course this is easier if you’ve got budget for testing, but remember, your account manager wants to see your program grow and will always be thinking of the return when they’re presenting these opportunities.

4. Set clear goals & objectives

Provide your account manager with clear KPIs for your program so they know what it is you’re trying to achieve and how you’ll be measuring it. We don’t just mean grow revenue – are you looking to increase traffic to your site, raise your average order value, or acquire new customers? Clear goals can help your account manager make plans and set targets. Share your KPIs that meet your organizational goals at the start of the year and review progress at the start of each quarter.

 5. Keep your account manager in the loop

It’s important to give your account manager plenty of notice of upcoming sales, promotions and product launches. They’ll use this to inform your strategy and plan your campaigns with key publishers. The same goes for up to date creative, content and voucher codes – if you don’t share it with your network, we can’t share it with your publishers! And of course, if you’re making any major changes to your site, let your account manager know. This is vital if you want to avoid any nasty surprises involving tracking

Bonus tip: Plan ahead

It’s easy to let deadlines creep up on you but if there’s something you need from your account manager, it’s important to let them know ahead of time. It’s also worth making sure your internal stakeholders have realistic expectations. Depending on your service level agreement, your account manager might have other clients. We’ll always try our best to help if you need something in a hurry but by planning ahead, you avoid stress on both sides.

For more advice on getting more from your account manager, speak to… your account manager..!