Top Tips: Kick-start new partnerships

Check out our top tips for publishers new and old on making headway with new advertiser partnerships.

You’re a publisher. You’ve got a great site. And you’re sure you can do a lot for advertisers. But so, it seems, can everyone else. Standing out and making your mark in an industry as noisy as the performance marketing one is no mean feat. Still, advice is on hand. Whether you’re new to the industry or you’re just looking to give things a bit of a boost, take a look at our top tips on building a strong relationship with your network, cutting through the noise and getting on board with advertisers.

1. Make yourself visible

Get in touch with the Webgains Publisher team and use them as a gateway to program account managers. By sharing your activity with the publisher team, they’ll be able to help promote your offering to account managers, and in turn, advertisers. They’ll also be able to help you identify target advertisers who should benefit from a partnership. Likewise, if you have a media pack (see tip 4) share it with the publisher team for maximum visibility with clients.

2. Relevance
Look to join programs that are relevant to both your offering and your audience. If you already have a portfolio of programs, then look at which perform well and seek similar programs to join. Perhaps your network has a platform where you can search for relevant sectors to find similar programs. Alternatively, you could become a publisher with a niche advertiser group.

3. Get Advice
Advertisers and network account managers will have a good understanding of which publisher types work particularly well on their programs. Asking for advice on how to best tailor your site and email marketing campaigns to the customer is an effective way to optimise your user communication and ultimately improve click through rates and sales.

4. Create a Media Pack
One of the best ways to get traction with advertiser parters is with a media pack, especially if you’re trying to sell tenancy placements. Include details of your offering, costings and ideallly, case studies. Providing a demographic breakdown can be useful. If you’re hosting a seasonal offering, create a specific pack to share with the network/account managers to spread awareness and optimise your promotion.

5. Be Proactive
Keep track of advertisers’ branding, promotional activity and product launches and keep your site up to date. If you’re creating proposals for tenancy or CPC deals, tailor them to to each client and include sales forecasts. Give advertisers as much information as you can to help them weigh up future opportunities with you. Look at gaps in advertisers’ activity that you could potentially exploit. Finally, stay in touch with account managers to keep on top of the latest advertiser and network events where you can promote your newest offerings.