Top Tips: Launching new products in the performance space

Launching a new product is important to any business and should be an exciting prospect for any marketing team. What’s more the affiliate channel can be a great way to get your product to market. Check out our top tips below.

1.) Inform your network early

Give your account manager as much notice about the product’s launch as you can. They’ll be able to plan your publisher activity and advise you on the best marketing strategies. Letting them know your budget for the launch will help. It’s also a good idea to make your account manager aware of stock levels so they can work with you to make sure you don’t over-advertise.

2.) Target your communications

Know who you’re targeting. Is this product aimed at your core audience or are you expanding your reach? Do your market research and find out who you actually need to be targeting. Once you understand your consumers tailor your communications strategy to reach them.

3.) Use your publishers’ experience

Before the product’s launch you should find out which publishers are most likely to drive consumers into the purchase funnel. Find out which publishers receive significant search volume for this type of product compared with others. Your publishers will have this data so be sure to get this information from them and ask them about what marketing techniques have helped other brands launch similar products.

4.) Optimize your creative

It goes without saying that prior to the launch date your branding must be completed and executed to a high standard. Hi-res product imagery always looks more professional, increases consumer confidence and helps increase conversion. Creative should be shared with your account manager and all publishers so they have everything they need. It’s also important to create strong, clear product descriptions that can be displayed across all online channels and to distribute this content accordingly.

5.) Engage your publishers/bloggers

As well as making your publishers and key bloggers aware of your product launches early, it’s also important to engage them and motivate them to promote your product. If budget allows, product launch parties can be a great way to get the launch to the forefront of your publishers’ minds. While giving out product samples to influential publishers and particularly bloggers can help them to get excited about your product and in turn write positive reviews about it. Finally, offering bespoke commission rates to your best performing publishers can incentivize them to give your product extra exposure on their website.

For more ideas and advice on optimizing product launches, speak to your account manager.