Top Tips: Managing a rebrand in the performance channel

Rebranding your business is always an exciting prospect. Whether it’s a refresh or a full rebrand, it can be a great way to take the brand forward and reinvigorate consumer appeal. Applying your rebrand in the performance channel brings its own set of challenges and opportunities and so we’ve put together what we think are the five most important points to consider to help things go smoothly.

1.) What are you rebranding? 

Are you rebranding your whole business, or are you just updating your logo? Make sure the strategy is clear so messaging is consistent. A rebrand should be an update, a progression to your brand and push the business forward. It’s useful to analyse your competitors’ branding to see what you can learn and also to make sure your branding doesn’t become too similar.

2.) Give your network notice 

Let your account manager know about any rebranding activity however minimal, especially if you’re creating a whole new website as we might need to re-integrate the tracking code. Give your account manager a timeline of important dates as well as all new creative. This way they can ensure that your publishers have the right creative and your brand messaging is consistent across all retail and ecommerce channels.

3.) Be consistent and relevant 

You need to be consistent with your rebrand with clear brand messaging that can be quickly communicated to your publishers. Your new branding should feel updated and be relevant to both your current target audience and have the potential to reach out to new consumers. Thorough market research can help you achieve a strong rebrand or brand refresh that is tailored to your customers.

4.) Get your tech in gear

Understand the implications of a rebrand on your technology and tracking. Before you launch a new website, be sure to check that your tracking has been tested by your account manager and that it works! Publishers should also be made aware of any potential tracking issues during the rebrand. We suggest providing a way for your network to run tracking tests before your new site goes live. Finally, it’s a good idea to document changes in website code so you can see clearly why things have gone wrong if they do.

5.) Optimise your publishers to promote rebrands 

The performance channel can be a great way of pushing your rebrand out to market so try to make the most of it. If budget allows, why not have an event where you celebrate the rebrand and invite your publishers? This will get them excited about your brand and motivate them to give it that extra exposure. It’s important to advertise the changes to your consumers. Your account manager will be able to help you with finding the right exposure packages so as to get maximum visibility.

For more advice on rebranding in the performance space, why not speak to your account manager.