Top Tips: Publisher engagement

An engaged publisher base is an important part of a successful program. But standing out from a noisy crowd can prove a challenge. We’ve put together our top five tips for keeping your publishers on-board and committed to you.

1.) Communicate

It’s essential to maintain regular communication if you want to be the brand at the front of publishers’ minds. Phone calls and meetings are more personal than email so try to hold these regularly with top publishers and plan your activity that way.

When it comes to communication, don’t view your publisher base as a whole. Segment your publishers and send them the information that’s relevant to them.

2.) Communicate more

Communication goes both ways. Knowing that your publishers are all different, take the time to find out what they need from you. Be pro-active – ask them if they have initiatives that would be relevant to your brand. If you show an interest in working with them and helping them to test out ideas, you’ll be the brand they want to engage with the most.

3.) Commission increases

CPA increases for select publishers can help retain loyalty and is also a good way of enticing new publishers on to the program. In some cases CPA increases are also enough to secure tenancy deals. How much your publishers earn will determine whether they promote your brand or that of your competitors. Upping your commission can really boost your appeal.

4.) New initiatives

Think about initiatives you can implement such as finding new ways to collaborate with your publishers. Try giving publishers new competitions to run or offer them cross-site collaborations or guest spots on your blog. This can work well for both sides as a way of generating increased exposure and strengthening the relationship.

5.) Publisher workshops

Hold publisher workshops at your stores or offices. Giving product demos or showcasing new stock are great ways of helping publishers get to grips with your brand and your products. And everyone responds well to a little hospitality! Not only will publishers feel appreciated, but if they’re more engaged with the brand and products they’ll be in a better position to promote.