Top Tips: Ramp up your conversion rate

It’s one thing getting traffic to your site but unless you want your efforts to fall flat on their collective face, you need to make sure you’re turning that traffic into sales. A few simple tweaks could be all you need to dramatically increase your conversion rate. Here are our top five tips to help you to make sure customers make that purchase.

1.) A smooth purchase journey

The longer it takes and the more steps involved in making a purchase the more customers’ commitment wavers. Minimize the number clicks in the path. If you’re looking for email sign ups then the form should contain as few fields as possible.

2.) A professional looking website

A clean and distinctive website is much more likely to attract consumers than a generic, cluttered one. Hi-res imagery looks more professional and instills trust. Make sure on-site pop-ups aren’t intrusive, they should be helpful and offer something different. Be sure your website is free from spelling and grammar mistakes if you want to look credible. Also, does your website have language translation options? Local languages and clear international shipping information can increase conversion rates with overseas customers. Finally, ensure your site has clear calls to action (CTAs) above the fold. Even a small increase in the size of CTA buttons can increase conversion rates by up to 25%.

3.) Get blogging!

An official brand blog and accompanying social pages are essential for retail brands, but also useful for other ecommerce sites. Get to know your customers better and you’ll build trust which will lead to increased conversion. It’s likely that your customers are on social networks so you need to make sure you’re interacting with them in a place they’re comfortable talking online.

4.) Remarketing and retargeting

These two methods of reactivating bounced traffic can dramatically increase conversion rates. Your account manager will be able to work closely with you to identify suitable remarketing and retargeting partners who would suit your business the best and give you the best ROI.

5.) Get mobile optimized

With Google’s recent changes to their search algorithm, this has become more important than ever. If your site isn’t mobile optimized, potential customers might be put off making purchases. Your site must look clean and clear and shouldn’t require too much, if any zooming to be readable. Also, loading times are important, research shows that consumers may leave your site if it takes over three seconds to fully load.

Bonus tip: Keep your site up to date

Indicate stock levels for products that are getting low as this can act as an incentive to purchase. If a product is no longer in stock, give your customers options to find out when it’s available, for example, by registering to be emailed when it’s back in stock. In addition, keep product descriptions full and updated, especially for products with technical specifications. Lastly, make sure prices are up to date and that any additional costs are made clear up front.

For more information on optimizing conversion, why not speak to your account manager?