Top Tips: Refresh Your Relationships

When it comes to successful performance marketing, relationships are everything – the strength of your partnerships can make or break your campaigns.

Whilst there’s no shortcut to those all important revenue-driving relationships, there are a few basic steps everyone can take to help make sure partnerships are fruitful. Here are what we think are the five most important:

1.) Constant communication

Communication is key to successful performance marketing and you should be in regular contact with your advertiser partners. Let them know about your upcoming marketing plans. For example, if you’re planning to exploit an upcoming event or news story as part of a campaign, let your advertisers know. Similarly, you should keep up to date with advertisers’ latest products and offers so as to not to miss anything which could be relevant to your audience. It’s also important that you have the right creative for your advertisers. Keep your finger on the pulse and don’t miss any changes.

2.) Regular meetings

As well as keeping in touch it’s a good idea to set aside time to meet in person with key partners. By holding regular meetings with advertisers you can make sure that you’re at the forefront of their mind and their plans. Get quarterly reviews booked in to the calendar. They’re a great way to force focussed planning between you both. Thoroughly plan for meetings by finding out who’s attending and clarifying exactly what’s to be discussed.

3.) Use your network

Speak to the Publisher Team and make sure you’re a known publisher. Find out when advertisers are holding publisher days at the office. They’re a good opportunity to bring your campaigns to life so book in to catch up with your partners. Give as much information as you can about your audience and suggest which groups certain advertisers should focus on. Account managers will help advertisers with their publisher strategy and so keep in touch with the Publisher Team to check which advertisers are interested in working with you.

4.) Give campaign analysis

Many publishers will share a campaign’s results when prompted, but only when actually asked. Try proactively offering campaign analysis and organise meetings or calls to discuss key findings. If advertisers see that you’re making an effort to be transparent, they’ll be more likely to engage and offer promotions to you.

5.) Offer AB testing with analysis

Suggest some AB testing with your advertisers. Like bespoke proactive campaign analysis, this will let them know you’re really trying to work hard for them. Test different ad placements on site and different email styles to see which produces the highest conversion rate for each specific advertiser. Once you have the results, present the analysis to the advertiser and plan future campaigns based on successful tests.

For more information on how to strengthen relationships with your advertisers, speak to our Publisher Team. If you have a new product or service ask them when you come in to present to the team.