Top tips: Sell yourself to a brand

As a publisher, chances are you have that one client you’d love to work with, the one who you know your solution could provide great benefits for. But what if you haven’t had the opportunity to get in front of them and demonstrate your full potential? Well, we’ve spoken to our Publisher Directors to help you out and devised five steps to help you win that dream client.

1. Pitching and presenting

The first thing you want to do is get hold of your network account manager and arrange a face to face meeting with the client. Arranging a presentation or a pitch to the client allows you to break down the first barrier and initiate a personal relationship with the client, once this is achieved you can begin to sell your solution.

2. Solution benefits

Now you’ve got their attention, it’s time to start selling yourself. Offer a comprehensive insight into how your solution can enhance their performance; explain the techniques used and how your platform can add value to their company and ultimately drive sales. Tie your proposed benefits back to the client, their needs, and their position in the market. Additionally, provide comparisons to your competitor’s solutions, how you differ and what your service can provide which another might not.

3. Success stories

A great way to demonstrate how effective your solution can be for a client is to showcase successful case studies from current clients, underlining how your platform has benefited them. The key here is to use clients in the same or similar industry so that the client can clearly see how it could be applied to them. This is also a good opportunity to present and explain your payment model.

4. Personalise

Show the client you’re willing to go the extra mile and create some mock-up campaigns demonstrating how the platform would work with them and how they would interact with it. Use forecasting to demonstrate the potential success they could gain from using your solution. Be sure to outline all metrics (ROI, sales, clicks) and make sure these are aligned to the clients KPIs.  This will show the client you’ve researched their industry and are knowledgeable in their market and ultimately demonstrates your willingness to work with them.

5. Tailored approach

Highlight how you can revolve your activities around the client – demonstrate that you can build bespoke campaigns to fit their needs and that you have the ability to tailor your solution to suit them. Lastly, demonstrate to the client that you’re flexible and willing to create a payment model that’s specific/personalised to them. Start by outlining all the possible options available, whether its tenancy or CPA etc. and  how you can work around the client. Finally…good luck!